Singapore 2nd CBD Jurong East

Located in the South of Singapore River, Central Business District (CBD) is considered as Singapore’s one of the most important commercial and financial hub. The last few years have seen massive investment in the CBD and people seem determined to buy houses and shift their businesses in the CBD or in the nearby locations. All this should not come as a surprise as living and working in the main business hub is what most people desire in life. It is also true that the Central Business District area has undergone massive development recently. Hence, it has become a highly desirable place for people to live and work in; however, it is not the only place where development has occurred. While various parts of Singapore have seen better infrastructure and reasonable development, there has been an explicit plan to create the second Central Business District.

Yes, it is completely right that many people believe Jurong to be the Singapore’s 2nd CBD. According to some sources, government is already in contact with dozens of construction, development and technology companies and is trying to find better opportunities to multiply the pace of development in the region. Hence, some big news regarding another Singapore CBD should be expected sometime soon in the near future.

It is no secret that Jurong East was recently chosen to have the Singapore’s high-speed rail terminus. All this seems directly related to the future plan of making another CBD in Jurong East. The exact location of this new Central Business District may not be known precisely at the moment but experts believe that areas near Jurong Town Hall Road, Yuan Ching Road or Ayer Rajah Expressway can be among the best possible options in this regard. Whichever location is chosen, experts believe that the current Central Business District and Jurong East are expected to complement each other.

The area has already seen major transformation in the recent years. Plans for Jurong Lake district, a Science center, construction of more homes, better transport connectivity and Jurong Lake Gardens have already been announced by the government. A lot of hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals and buildings have been constructed in Jurong East and the surrounding area. A reasonable number of offices have also been shifted recently. This trend is expected to only grow in the future as the infrastructure further develops.

All the above discussion also seems to imply that it may be the best time to make some investment in the Jurong East. The area is expected to be the second Central Business District of Singapore and hence the future hub of commercial and financial business activities. The trend of buying properties in the area has already started as more and more people are realising this potential. The prices are very reasonable at the moment but they are continuously inflating. An investment at present can prove to generate a huge return in the upcoming decade when the CBD is fully developed and people will be desperate to buy new properties. 

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