Buying Procedure

This might be one of the biggest purchase of your life

Before you embark on a journey in purchasing a property in Singapore, be it in the resale market or New Launch property.  It is to understand what are your requirement of the property and your budget. Different people have different requirement some looking for own stay and some looking for rental yield. Understanding your needs is important. 

Below is a simple guide to help you better prepare your purchase.

Understanding your Budget

Budget is the first that comes to mind when buying a Property it is always important to get your financing right even if you are not taking a loan.

Speaking to a Mortgage Banker is the best way to go

Understanding your Needs

Different people have different needs so it is important for us as a salesperson to under your need before shortlisting the property for you. Near Famous School to near MRT or even near to your parents.

Resale or New Launch

Resales property you are able to obtain the Keys to your unit in within Three months time Price tends to be lower.

New Sales home or New Launch in Singapore normally require 3 -4 years to built. But the potential upside is stronger

Going thru Documentation

There are lists of Documentation to go thru in a property transaction, from your OTP (Option to Purchase) to your S&P (Sales and Purchase agreement). The Time Line of where you will be collecting keys are stated in the OTP or S&P Agreement.

Inspection of Property

This will be done roughly about 2 weeks before the handover of the unit to the purchaser.

As For New Launches there will be a defect liability period of 1 year


Congrats you are a new owner of a new property
New Launch Properties


Jadescape is the former Shunfu Ville located in the heart of Singapore along 2-16 Shunfu road. Jadescape will be developed by Qingjian Realty Pte Ltd

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